Arrive Nine-to-Five

Optimizing job acquistion for refugees in Germany
Project Details

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Date: Ongoing

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Arrive Nine-to-Five, or A925, was conceived when addressing issues surrounding the refugee population in Germany and focusing on an approach that would help improve their integration process into the economy. The scope of work for A925 included defining a concrete problem, planning, researching, designing, prototyping, and testing. Our team conducted extensive research including expert interviews, co-creation brainstorming and workshop sessions with Syrian migrants, volunteers, arrival centres, BAMF, Sozialamt, jobcentre, and thorough literary research among others.
The outcome of this ongoing project was the development of a job-matching app designed to connect refugees with employers on the basis of specific skillsets and experiences.

Though the result is clean and simple, the details are vast. For more information please contact us.

Tasks included: Design research. Storyboarding. Scripting. UX Design. Branding. Prototyping.

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