Armory Club - Case Study

Design, brand and launch campaign for a new downtown-style bar in the Mission district of San Francisco
Project Details

Client: Armory Club - Cybernet Entertainment, LLC

Date: September 2012

Online: ArmoryClub.com

The purpose of this project was to brand a new San Francisco-based nightlife lounge. With such a vast and diverse nightlife scene in the city, we took advantage of the unique location at which the lounge would be situated - the Mission District - known for its wide collection of dive bars. This gave us the opportunity to play to an audience accustomed to the downtown nightlife experience, while engaging a new location-centered clientele.
This project called for a full-scale branding endeavor including brand identity, web design, launch collateral and marketing management. We used co-creation processes with the parent company to better understand the business and desired customer demographic. Through discussion with the architect, interior designer and other stakeholders, our designs resulted in an Industrial-Victorian inspired aesthetic evoking an upscale, moody and timeless ambiance. The visual identity put the customer at the center of attention with the appropriate mantra: “Have you been served?”

Resposibilities included: Art direction. Brand graphics & management. Advertising.

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